Gentle Touch Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, and relaxing therapy that combines the art of soft-touch, gentle massage, and healing-energy to the head, hands, and feet.  The primary focus is to promote deep relaxation, quiet the mind, and let your body fully relax.

Deep tissue, nor pressure point manipulation is NEVER applied to this type of treatment; therefore, you will never experience pain, sensitivity, or discomfort after your session.  Gentle Touch Therapy is about allowing the body to fall into a state of deep relaxation and promote healing within. A very minimal amount of conversation will take place as this is a time for rest and renewal – a time to focus on the changes and benefits you will receive from gentle massage.

Unlike a traditional massage, there is no need to disrobe for your session, except for the removal of shoes, socks, or stockings.  Typically, you will lie face-up on a table, or in a position you feel most comfortable.  Initially you will begin by taking a few deep breaths to help increase your level of oxygen while helping to promote calmness and relax the mind.

It’s important to begin with a light touch to the entire head, then gradually increase minimal pressure to stimulate various nerve endings in the head. Within the first few minutes of treatment, you will likely feel very relaxed and calm – perhaps even slightly sedated.  You may experience a warmth throughout your body, and sensations you experience may be tingling or slight muscle twitches.  All are perfectly normal as your body is adjusting to deep relaxation.

Next, the focus will be to gently massage the forehead, temples, eyebrows, cheeks, sinus cavities (under the eyes), and jaw.  Those who suffer from headaches/migraines, sinus problems, and teeth clenching will significantly benefit from the effects that gentle massage will provide to these areas.

As you continue, the next important, most overlooked and overworked parts of the body is your hands.  Regardless of the nature of your job, you are bound to use your hands.  For this treatment, apply massage oil to the palm and gently massage the entire area to include each finger, back of the hand, wrist, and forearm.  This soothing technique dramatically helps those who suffer from the discomfort of repetitive motion, helps improve circulation, increases blood flow, and provides a sense of deep relaxation.

The final benefit of Gentle Touch Therapy is the pièce de résistance!  A soothing and relaxing foot massage to finish off the treatment.  Your feet bear your entire body weight, and with over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, it’s no wonder our body feels tired when our feet are sore.  We treat them miserably!  Forced into ill-fitting shoes, standing, walking, or running for long periods, we sadly neglect the importance of our remarkable mobility system.

Start by applying a generous amount of enriched oil to each foot, then begin by gently massaging the arch, inner and outer sides, up and across the pad of the foot to each toe, including between, and the toe joints.

Next, with a slight increase in pressure, massage the heel, the Achilles tendon and ankle of each foot.  This technique helps ease headaches and migraines, helps reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, helps promote better sleep, and helps to lower blood pressure and provides deep relaxation and tranquility.

It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lifestyles while working long hours, caring for family members, and keeping up with the routine.  Focusing on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being is not a luxury, it isn’t selfish, nor self-absorbing, it’s essential to living a fuller, more positive existence.  If we fail to take care of ourselves, we don’t have the energy to extend the best version of ourselves to anyone else.

Decide to make self-care an important factor in your daily routine and watch how it manifests through your everyday life.