The head massage offers a variety of physical and emotional benefits, not to mention it can feel divine. It is derived from the traditional practices of Ayurveda, which has been in existence for over 5,000 thousand of years. 

What Is the History of Head Massage?


While head massage has gained recognition in recent years, due to its therapeutic benefits, it is far from new. It originated in India, and was known as “Champi.” The people of ancient India revered Champi, or the head/scalp massage as a family ritual that incorporated the use of aromatic essential oils as a way to promote health and longevity.

The practice of massage has been used throughout India and passed down among the generations, and is treated as a very sacred and social activity. In India, massages are performed in markets, along the streets, and on the beach. As part of ritualistic practice, brides and grooms are given massages before weddings, as a way to promote beauty, health, happiness, and overall well-being. Mothers give their children regular massages to boost health and to strengthen the familial bond, as well as provide a sense of security. 

The concept of Indian Head Massage as a complementary therapy was first introduced in England by Dr. Narendra Mehta who has been totally blind since the age of one. Dr. Mehta arrived from India in the early 1970’s to train as a physiotherapist and was very surprised to find that traditional therapy neglected the head. Mehta devoted his time to teaching western society the benefits and importance of regular head massage. By the 1980’s, clients in England were reaping the benefits and the traditional Indian Head Massage became a trend.

Ayurveda medicinal practice is a holistic approach used for addressing a variety of ailments. The term “Ayurveda” comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and is defined as the “Knowledge of Life.” 

What is a Head Massage?


A head massage is designed to relax the mind and promote circulation. Quite often, tension accumulates in the head, forehead, face, and neck, so having regular head massages can be very effective in reducing stress.

With the scalp being so sensitive, a head massage is often considered one of the most relaxing types of massages a person can receive.

A head massage treatment focuses on the scalp, neck, and face, where the skin and soft tissues are gently manipulated with a variety of massage strokes. Using a specialized technique of healing energy, and specific kneading applications, the entire head, face, and neck will de-rid of stored tension and stress, and the client will experience an overall sense of deep relaxation. At this point, the entire body will begin to enjoy the healing benefits.

In the past, you may have tried one of those head massage “tools,” which is essentially a handheld device with metal prongs to grip the scalp. While these can feel nice, they do not deliver the same benefits of a true head massage, which targets specific areas to relieve pressure and tension.

To feel the true benefits a good head massage can provide, you’ll want to make sure you schedule a session with a therapist who is well experienced in the Ayurvedic techniques...



What Are the Benefits of a Head Massage?

Oftentimes, when we think of massage, specific areas of the body predominately come to mind. However, when we experience stress, muscles in the scalp, forehead, eyes, and neck typically endure the majority of the tension; resulting in painful headaches, sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety.

A head massage is a relaxing, safe alternative to medications and it can help you get back on track while providing a whole host of multiple health benefits in the process. For starters, it can help improve sleep, boost blood flow, flush the body of toxins and boost lymphatic fluid drainage, and those are just a few.

After a 30 to 40-minute treatment, don’t be surprised if you feel calm yet more alert; and best of all, the positive effects will continue to last for a few days following your treatment. Scheduling regular head massages into your on-going routine is a great way to promote self-care and overall well-being. 

8 Ways A Head Massage Will Improve Your Life


#1 Boost Your Mood and Decrease Stress:  The effects of long-term stress can be detrimental to health. When the body experiences increased stress and anxiety, it begins overproducing the harmful hormone known as cortisol.

Too much of this hormone can cause damage to internal organs and interfere with multiple bodily functions.  Additionally, stress can cause feelings of depression, irritability, and more. All of these things will leave you feeling unproductive.

However, having regular head massages can be quite beneficial. A head massage will trigger the production of the chemical serotonin. Serotonin is naturally released in the brain when we relax and it’s a powerful chemical that acts as a mood stabilizer, affects sleep, and also aids in motor skill function, and bone health. A proper head massage is one of the few techniques that can promote the production of serotonin effectively.

#2 Stimulates the Lymphatic System:  The lymphatic system consists of a series of small vessels, tissues, and lymph nodes located throughout the body that work to drain lymph fluid and remove waste from the body. This process helps keep the body healthy and protects against infection. However, this system can become sluggish due to stress, environmental pollutants and toxins, an unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise. A head massage will increase blood flow in the head and neck area and help improve overall drainage.

#3 Improves Sleep Quality:  Stress and the fast-paced lives that most of us experience regularly will eventually result in symptoms of insomnia, lack of sleep, or restless sleep. The quality of sleep will improve after a head massage due to the increase in serotonin levels. Also, because massage helps induce deep relaxation, the body’s ability to heal and recharge also improves.

#4 Relieves Migraines and Headaches:  Severe headaches and migraines can be debilitating, making it nearly impossible to function and take care of day-to-day responsibilities. These occur because of the pressure and stiffness present in the head, face, and neck and there are those who suffer from them on a regular basis. Rather than seeking short-term relief from chemically laden medications, a head massage will help relieve the pressure that is responsible while also increasing the circulation of cerebral fluid and blood flow.

#5 Boosts Memory Retention:  The mind encounters thousands of thoughts daily, most of which are random and unorganized. When our brains are consumed with too many thoughts, we tend to forget the details that are important due to an inability to concentrate. This can hinder success and productivity, as well as cause stress. The more you can calm your mind, the easier it will be to focus and remember important details, events, etc. A regular head massage will help soothe the mind, increase blood circulation, and slow down the chatter in our mind.

#6 Balances Hormones:  A head massage can reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and improve sleep, essentially resulting in a healthier balance of hormone production. Hormones can impact us either mentally or physically. When an imbalance is present, a snowball effect can occur, causing sickness, depression, anxiety, lack of energy, weight gain, and a multitude of other issues.

Having a regular Gentle Touch Therapy massage will help your mind and body reset, thereby promoting optimal health. You’re sure to leave your session feeling more refreshed, less stressed and better optimized in the days to follow.

#7 Increases Flexibility:  The tighter and tenser muscles and tendons become, the less range of motion you may have. Most of our stress is stored in the upper portions of our bodies and therefore, a head massage can be very therapeutic.  Allowing the body to relax, releases tension and stress from connective tissues, joints, and ligaments, thereby improving flexibility and increases range of motion.

#8 Renews Energy:  The various motions used during treatment, based on the Ayurvedic holistic approach, consume the entire body. Often the main energy centers of the body can be blocked (chakras). A head massage releases negative energy that can manifest as illness and disease and encourages free flow of energy throughout, creating a feeling of well-being. The release of toxins from tense muscles improves oxygen flow to the brain.

Many people find this experience is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving them feeling energized, revitalized and better able to concentrate, thus increasing their energy levels.

Regular head massages will allow you to better focus, you will wake up feeling refreshed and be more productive during your day. Moreover, you will go through your day tension and headache-free while being able to keep your mind clear, your mood stable, and your thought process on track.