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There is a teacher within all of us

“Everything old is new again,” a frequent idiom my mother used, based on her perspective of a vastly changing world and born in the mid-1920s in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Her Great-great-grandfather, Alexander Donald set sail from Edinburg, England to West Bengal, India in 1792, to serve with the British government, looking for a better life.
During his tenure, Alexander married and had several children, one of whom was Duncan Donald. Born in Rangoon, Burma, India, Duncan served with the Honourable East India Company, and later became Superintendent of Police; an elite position with the British government.

Each Officer was assigned a Batman; one who performed duties, that of a personal assistant. One of Duncan’s most cherished assistants was a man by the name of Ahsmit, a young man in his mid-30s, born in Jullundur, a city in north-central Punjab, located in northwestern India. Over the years, Duncan and Ahsmit formed an incredible bond of friendship and one that sustained long after Duncan retired. During his early years of service, Ahsmit introduced Duncan to the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic medicine and massage, a scared healing custom, practiced within the Indian culture.

It was not uncommon for those serving in the British army and living in India to fall ill from sickness or disease. There was a common saying among the troupes, “One could be healthy at breakfast, sick by lunchtime, dead by supper and buried before bedtime.” This adage represented a grim outlook for those who chose to embark on these foreign assignments. For Duncan, Ahsmit was proactive, ensuring that his employer and friend would remain healthy and resilient through regular massage treatments passed down to him from previous generations.


Duncan Steward Donald Jr.

Duncan Donald had four children, one of whom was a son, Duncan Steward Donald Jr., (my grandfather), born in 1896. Duncan Jr. was immersed and raised in all aspects of Indian culture and traditions before moving to Canada in 1909. The Ayurvedic massage was a medicinal treatment Duncan Jr. learned at a very early age. He was oblivious to conventional western practices where taking pills and supplements were of the norm. As with the Indian culture, he believed that sickness, stress and good health could be achieved through daily massage and meditation.

Duncan Donald Jr. married in 1922 and taught the art of Ayurvedic massage to his wife Lillian, long before they had four children together. Gloria, (my mother), his second daughter, born in 1926, became a hairdresser and incorporated the Ayurvedic technique into her business and shared the healing properties with her clients.

Providing this service, helped catapult the success of her beauty salon to new heights. Her clientele would travel near and far to experience the relaxing health benefits Ayurvedic massage would provide. In addition to her work at the salon, she also had several wealthy and private clients who were very prominent within the community. Often, these high-profile clients did not wish to come to the salon and would send a car to pick her up so that she could work directly in their homes. There were a few clients who were housebound due to illness or disability that would receive regular massage treatments to the head, hands, and feet. It was those clients my mother knew she was helping most to ease their pain and provide a better quality of life.

Based on belief that health and wellness is a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit; Gentle Touch Therapy techniques have shown tremendous health benefits to help help the body transition into a deep relaxed state.

For as long as I can remember, my mother practiced Gentle Touch Therapy, just as her father had before her. She believed that over-the-counter medication should never be the first option to relieve headaches, pain, sore muscles, or general malaise. It was also her belief that the importance lay in holistic modalities first, allowing the body the chance to heal naturally.

Being empowered with the teaching of this information as a young child, I saw first hand the how this amazing gift benefited those who received it, and cherish how those teachings have enriched my life today. I have helped numerous people overcome stress, anxiety, and pain through regular Gentle Touch Therapy.

As a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP), accredited in 2012, I’ve had the ability to optimize my passion helping clients focus on relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, as well as help to create a plan to enjoy everyday living.

Life is hectic, and stress comes in abundance.  It’s essential to take time for yourself and learn to enjoy the journey, rather than feel you have to race to the finish line.

So, pour yourself a nice cup-of-tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy! – I’m glad you’re here!

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Wishing you much happiness, health, and prosperity.

Pat Bradley